April 13, 2019

Keto Nori Breakfast Wrap | 3 And A Half Recipes!

This simple breakfast wrap is a tasty twist on your regular omelet. It’s perfect for a quick and healthy breakfast that you could easily eat on the go. Iodine-rich nori surrounds layers of egg and avocado for a satisfying and keto-friendly take on traditional breakfast wraps.

Keto Breakfast Wrap
Start to Finish: 7 minutes

3 pastured eggs
1 organic nori sheet
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 avocado, sliced
1/2 tablespoon grass-fed butter or ghee, for cooking

1. Whisk the eggs and salt together in a bowl until combined.

2. Heat a frying pan on medium heat. Add butter or ghee and swirl to coat the pan.

3. Add whisked eggs to the frying pan and cook until the top of the omelet is no longer runny.

4. When omelet is cooked, slide it out of the frying pan and straight on top of the nori sheet.

5. Add avocado slices on top of the egg and carefully roll up the breakfast wrap with your hands.

6, Slice wrap in half and serve.

Serves: 1