Month: February 2019

The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Debunking myths around the use of artificial sweeteners!

Picking up from my last Quick Tip on the sideeffects of artificial sweetners (that gained a lot of question), here's my blog on what ...

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Apple Cinnamon Crepes with Greek Yogurt

A delicious winter's delight, the Apple and Cinnamon Crepes served with Greek Yogurt is easy to make, healthy and absolutely delicious! Apple filling: 2 ½ medium Granny Smith apples, peeled, cor...

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The Biggest Myths About PCOS Debunked

1. Women With PCOS Have Cysts on Their Ovaries While the name poly “cystic” ovary syndrome refers to cysts on the ovaries, this is far from being accurate. Instead, tiny immature...

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5 Myths Debunked Around Bulking

Here's a continuation from my Quick Tip around debunking Myths around bulking and the diet that comes along with it! Myth 1: Bulking Means it's OK to Eat Junk Food This myth is pr...

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