October 12, 2018

6 Facts about Running That Will Blow Your Mind! Ashishh Gupta

Running outdoors at the same pace as on the treadmill burns more calories due to air resistance. That is why races which are short enough to be run in only one direction have a wind-assistance phenomenon.

While we hear many people say that running makes you healthy and strong, it is also a fact that running can make you sick! Excessive running – distances of 80 kilometres or more in a week – increases the risk of succumbing to a respiratory illness. The ideal distance to run to strengthen the immune system and body strength is around 20-30 km per week.

Running marathons can improve more than just your health…
The health benefits of running are no secret, but did you know that the activity can also have a positive impact on your wider life? Numerous research studies have found that running regularly can enhance your working hours. As anyone who exercises regularly knows all too well; the planning, discipline and commitment to keeping up with a fitness programme require some serious organization and as a result, running on a regular basis can help to develop your personal character.

Eat beetroot to improve your running speed
Beetroot might not be the first food you think about reaching for when looking to improve your running performance, however, the purple vegetable has been proven by St Louis University to benefit runner’s speed. The nitrates present in the beetroot are thought to be the reason behind the improvements.

Running reduces your blood pressure more efficiently than most of the medications. This is actually a well known fact in the medical field, but not everyone is aware of it. Medications and diets used to adjust your blood pressure are not always as effective, not to mention most of the methods can have several side effects. Running is a natural way by which you can get the same result a long term medication can provide, but without the side effects.

Run backwards for awesome benefits.
This may come as a surprise, but when running backwards your body experiences an amazing boost in regard to its adaptive capabilities. You definitely had no idea that running backwards can strengthen your muscle mass and helps you avoid future injuries. This is because your legs are adapted to normal running mechanics and adopting a completely different exercise will stimulate your muscles in a totally different way. By running backwards you will force your leg muscles, joints and articulations to adapt to the change and this will improve your body’s overall performance.