July 28, 2018

Serving Delicious 200-Calorie Sandwich and Zero Sugar Milk Shakes | Business Insider | Ashishh Gupta

What happens when you go for a workout at the gym? You run on treadmill for half an hour, take a steam bath , return home and eat a sandwich or some fruits. But wait; there are people who hate making a sandwich or a protein shake and as a result they don’t get the required nutrition. This often happens due to unavailability of appropriate ingredients. People often tend to skip a healthy meal after gym or go out for unhealthy alternatives. Otherwise there are a bunch of foodies who like their burgers without cheese and fries without oil. They aren’t wrong anywhere. When the world is screaming for healthy eating options, why won’t the restaurants change their recipes! Well to ease things up, Gold’s Gym at Gold Souk Mall in Gurgaon have started their own cafe 3 And A Half.

Long story short: this cafe serves the most Nutritious Food In Gurgaon. Right from a 200 calories Tuna sandwich to protein bars and zero sugar beverages, this cafe is the perfect choice for the calorie conscious.

The welcome drink at the cafe, unlike a sweet lime, consists of a wild variety of cold tea infused with a nice floral fragrance. And it tastes nothing better than green tea. However to say the least it is quite refreshing.

The smoothies and shakes available in strawberry, mango and blueberry variant are made using organic honey sourced from Rishikesh. For refreshments, there are options of seasonal juices and white tea. Interestingly white tea is known to have a lot of health benefits including weight loss and it’s not a lot of places in Delhi where you find this. Also you can go for whey protein shakes if you are building up your muscles.

For the starters you can try some wraps and sandwiches that are hardly 250 calories. There are a lot of options from chicken , paneer and tuna to choose from. The wraps are particularly very tasty with nuts and yogurt. The main course is quite elaborate. Right from a Jerk Chicken Pizza to chicken in barbecue sauce served with rice, calorie counts are limited between 200 and 300. That’s quite amusing if a meal can be limited to that calorie and yet be lip smacking. However do note, it’s not a normal QSR chain or fine dining restaurant, but a healthy place to eat. Don’t expect your food to be too delicious. Mind you, this place is for people who want to eat after work out rather than eating out for fun.

For desserts you are offered a lot of options. Right from protein bar to date pudding, there are a lot to try. Unbelievable as it may sound, desserts known to be most calorie counting than anything else are something around 200-300 calories or lesser. The bars are made without sugar so it doesn’t feel much crunchy but melts in your mouth.

Since the place is made as a post workout eatery, the prices are reasonable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can enjoy a good meal at within Rs 250-Rs300 per person. If you are health conscious yet can’t resist the temptation of pizza or wrap, 3 and a half is for you.