July 18, 2018

6 Unexpected Benefits of Unplugging from Technology

The digital age may be enticing and entertaining, however living responsibly isn’t easy. The convenience of technology has led many to adopt bad habits that can be difficult to break, depending on how extreme they are and how long they’ve held them. From that last episode on Netflix to being glued to your phone even 2 mins before falling asleep, technology has permeated into our daily routines to no end.

Unplugging is often a struggle at first, but the benefits far outweigh any discomfort or ‘FOMO’ you may be feeling. Besides the copious amounts of more free time, here are six other incredible benefits of unplugging:

1. Reduced Body Pain:
Heard of ‘Tech Neck’? That’s the new word people are using to describe the strain you put on your neck and spine from looking down at your smartphone or computer monitor for so long. With no screens to look at from unplugging, you’ll be able to enjoy better posture, fewer aches, and tightness in all your muscles and zero digital strain on your eyes.

2. Better Sleep:
Speaking of giving your eyes a break, you should be able to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for most of the night. The human circadian rhythm and REM Cycles depends on darkness to prepare for sleep, which can be disrupted by light-emitting devices. You’ll be doing your body a huge favor by unplugging completely at least an hour before bed.

3. Improved Mood, Memory:
Even just unplugging for a day once a week is enough to give your brain a reboot, which can improve your memory and lift your mood. With less time spent being a slave to technological stimulation, you’ll have more time to focus on doing activities that can grow your brain cells.

4. Enhanced Productivity:
You’d think that you need constant access to your social media notifications, your email inbox, a bunch of tabs open in your web browser and all sorts of other things to be more productive. But it’s really the accumulation of interruptions of those things stealing away your ability to get things done. Any time you’re interrupted from a work-related task by something from your phone or computer, it can take as long as 45 minutes for the brain to refocus.

5. Energy bill savings:

It may not be much, but the average desktop computer that’s left plugged in all day and every day for an entire year will cost you at least Rs. 3000 per year. According to studies, devices left on standby or sleep mode constitute 10-15% of your entire electricity bill.

6. Increased Awareness:
When you unplug, what you’re really doing is banishing a major distraction. You may begin to notice small details in people, things and places that you never really noticed before, possibly because your brain had previously gotten used to being overloaded with stimulation from technology.