June 14, 2018

Staying Cool And Beating The Heat This Summer

With probably the worst heat wave hitting NCR this year, it is important to stay cool and hydrated – that’s easier said than done when you have to go to work or the gym. Here are a few ways in which you can stay cool with small lifestyle changes:

1. Ventilation at the right time:
If you’re looking at how to stay cool in summer, you might want to try opening and closing your windows. This could be the easiest and best way to cool a room and is also the best way to keep cool at night.

2. Try and keep the sun out of your home
It might seem nice letting the summer sun come into your home during the warmer months, but this can increase the temperature of your room by as much as 3-5 degrees. Try to keep sunlight out of your home by using blinds, drapes or window shades. Keep in mind that window coverings with white surfaces facing outdoors will reflect the sun and cool your room.

3. Use cooler lightbulbs
An incandescent bulb is an effective heating device radiating 90% of its energy as heat. Since most homes have 30 to 35 light fixtures, your cooling system expends a lot of energy counteracting this radiation. Replace them with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, which emit 75% less heat.

4. Hit the shower
Anything that puts water in touch with your skin cools you down because that water evaporates, which simulates sweating. Try taking a shower—but don’t towel off completely—then relax by a fan. You can also achieve the evaporative effect by misting with a spray bottle or applying a cool cloth to your neck.

5. Turn on the tap
Speaking of water, it almost goes without saying to drink plenty of it. Hydration helps your body move blood to the surface more efficiently, and it allows you to sweat – the best gauge of your body’s fluid needs is urinary output. If you’re going to the bathroom less often and in smaller amounts than usual, your body is dehydrated and preserving its liquids—so drink up!

6. Shield your windows
About 40% of home’s heat comes in through windows, especially those facing east and west. To block it, curtains, shades, and blinds should closely fit windows and be a light, reflective color. While you could install Energy Star windows with a low-E coating, which deflects heat, it may be easier to buy a clear, heat-control window film from a home-improvement store and apply it to your standard windows.

7. Choose cotton bedding
Many of us have trouble nodding off in a room warmer than 75°F. So keep cool with cotton sheets and loose-fitting pj’s. Cotton is a breathable fiber that lets air circulate so your body heat can dissipate to the surface and sweat can evaporate.

Some quick tips:
1. Try and use a fan whenever you can

2. Position your fan near the window to circulate cool air

3. Keep your air con about 24 degrees

4. Only use the air con in rooms that you’re using

5. Keep your house shut during the day

6. Open up your house at night to let the cool air inside

7. Use blinds, drapes and curtains to keep sunlight from coming inside

8. Consider planting trees or installing a shade cloth to cover your house

9. Use the microwave instead of the stove when you can

10. Try to take advantage of the warm summer sun when drying washing, not your dryer