March 11, 2018

10 Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee is nothing but the coffee beans. It is the unroasted beans. Since they are not exposed to heat they have higher content for a photochemical called chlorogenic acid whereas when the coffee beans are roasted all the phytochemical present in them is destroyed and it becomes unhealthy for us

This Chlorogenic acid chemical which is a type of anti-oxidant has many properties which make this green coffee so effective for health. Let’s get the benefits if these beans and then decide if we really want to drink that green coffee and feel great.

1. Boosts up Metabolism: Pure green coffee has the ability to boost up the immunity and burn off the excess fat stored in the body. Chlorogenic acid is a metabolic booster. Due to increased metabolism, it reduces the release of glucose from the liver into the blood. Here body used fat to meet the energy (glucose) requirement of the body.

2. Cures Diabetes: These beans are highly capable of keeping your sugar levels in range and for diabetics helps to control sugars and keep them lower in case of high sugar levels. They also help in weight loss which is also required to treat diabetes.

3. Burns Off extra fat: Green coffee beans contain a large amount of kelp. It is a type of seaweed which is loaded and packed with vitamin and minerals. All these together helps to reach our metabolism at peak and burns of the excess or fats and calories faster.

4. Rich source of Anti-Oxidants: Anti-oxidants are substances that protect our body and fight against the free radical produced in our body and builds up our overall health.

5. Appetite suppressants: You think you feel excess hunger than required by your body? Then you should surely try the green coffee. It claims to be a very strong and effective appetite suppressant. It will help you to overcome all your cravings and keep you away from overeating.

6. Manages bad cholesterol levels: Cholesterol is controlled if your weight, sugar, and metabolism are working at optimum. SO when green coffee takes care if these problems, ultimately it also helps in managing your good fat and bad fat ratio.

7. Improves blood circulation: high blood pressure results in many heart diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure and also kidney diseases.

Research teams have found out that green coffee has a very effective ingredient similar to aspirin that imposes an impact on blood vessels and prevents platelet formation and clotting of blood.

As a result of this, the blood remains thin and doesn’t undergo plague formation. Our arteries don’t get hardened and hence blood circulation is there throughout the body.

8. Regulates blood pressure: Green coffees also have the effect of vasodilation. Because of his, the blood pressure is controlled. When vasodilation happens the diameter of the veins become larger and hence helps to control high blood pressure.

9. Builds up immunity: Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it highly enhances our immune system.

10. Helps to Detox: Green coffee bean extract act as a natural detox material. It cleanses your liver to make liver free from all the toxins. It also helps to flush the unnecessary fats and bad cholesterol from the body.