November 11, 2017

Analysis: 30 Days on the Rock’s Diet Plan

During our childhood days, television was our only source of virtual entertainment and WWE always used to top our list. And when it comes to wrestling, one of our all time favourites was ‘The Rock’. Dwayne Johnson also known as ‘The Rock ‘ is one of the biggest wrestling superstars and now one of the highest grossing box office star.


Resembling a modern day Hulk due to his huge chiselled frame,  thanks to his diet and strict workout sessions, the Rock is an inspiration to many bodybuilders across the world. But have you ever wondered what he eats and how he trains? The Rock’s 30 Day Diet is Fitness Plan is a fad that’s taking over the fitness world (if you can survive it).

A regular person eats 3 meals a day, excluding snacks, but when it comes to the Rock, he eats extraordinary 7 times a day. He follows a strict and specific diet plan which is designed to maintain his herculean body and muscle mass. His diet plan has been on the news and social media for very long time and it is also well documented but several fitness experts. Noticed first by an ordinary guy, Mark Wester, who intended to emulate The Rock right down to the last details of his plan. But this was no joke as a 5000 Calorie diet is wearisome and incredibly hard for the best of us. Yet, he took the challenge head on, and here are the details of what they entailed:


Eat Like The Rock

Lifting heavy weights and working hard is only half the work,  putting enough fuel in terms of food is as critical. As we had mentioned that Rock’s diet includes 7-course meals which may sound like a lot, but hey, there are 24 hours in a day and he certainly uses those up! Let us have a look at his 7-course diet in Detail:


Meal 1:  7:00 AM: 2 hardboiled eggs, 2 cup oatmeal, 10oz COD Fish


Meal 2: 9:00 AM: Post Workout Breakfast: 12oz sweet potato, 1 cup vegetable, 8oz COD Fish


Meal 3: 11:30 AM: 2 cups white rice, 8oz chicken breast, 1 cup of vegetables


Meal 4: 2:30 PM: 2 cups white rice, 8oz chicken breast, 1 cup of vegetables


Meal 5: 5:00 PM: 8oz steak, 12oz baked potato, spinach salad


Meal 6: 7:00 PM: 10oz COD, 2 cups white rice, salad


Meal 7: 9:00 PM: 10 egg white omellette, 1 cup vegetables


Bedtime: Protein shake (30g casein protein), 5gms creatine


The Metabolism Breakdown

Meal Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Meal 1 610 38 15 77
Meal 2 594 84 3 56
Meal 3 1069 125 28 72
Meal 4 909 121 18 62
Meal 5 769 69 25 70
Meal 6 816 115 4 73
Meal 7 155 11 1 26
Shake 128 0 0 30
Totals 5050 563g 94g 466g


Eating high amount of calories will increase your weight and in order to use that as fuel, you definitely need to train like The Rock. His day starts at 4 AM (when most of us are happily slumbering). We’ll do another blog on The Rock’s training regime in the near future.


If you intend to follow this diet, get ready to burn a significant hole in your pockets! He spends nearly $1300 on his monthly diet and roughly converted to Rs. 70,000 per month in Indian Rupees! Have you tried this challenge? Tell us about it in the comments below!