August 21, 2017

The science behind listening to music in a workout

Music has become a huge part of our lives. Be it tempo or lyrics, music affects a person’s mind and body. And popping earphones or listening to loud music before a workout has become habitual for most of us.

But everyone has their own story. For some it elevates mood, for some it provides distraction from pain thus giving natural boost to one’s endurance. And it’s not just your average person who relies on music but also athletes and when they hit track they tend to run faster, swim farther thus giving them a clear vision to their goal.

According to a recent scientific research study it is found out that music acts as a fuel (also known as ergogenic) during workout. What music does is, it creates a certain rhythm or tempo that travels in through our ears and all the way up to our auditory pathways and to the supplementary motor area where it joins forces with brain activity thus creating a signal when to move and what to perform which makes us to keep going until we reach a certain point.

It is also found out that music affects our respiration and heartbeat, however most of the studies claim that heart rate and respiration increases when an individual listens to music that has faster beat per minute than the individual average heartbeat.

Now it all makes sense how music helps us in distracting from injury and fatigue that is caused during workout, which is why it is pretty obvious that you always have ‘Eye of the Tiger’ in your favorite playlist from classic movie Rocky III.