April 25, 2017

Skinny Guy Guide

With Hollywood films such as, Baywatch, Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League lined up for release, this year, incredibly fit actors with eye-catching biceps are gearing up to scorch the screen. Have you ever wondered how they manage to pack on muscle and size on their arms? Have you secretly desired to own a body like them? Fitness experts Ashish Gupta and Akshay Verma guide you to get that celeb-inspired body.


Things to do

Embrace your inner glutton: If you want your arm size to grow, consume more calories than you can burn off. Have four meals a day, include more protein in the diet and avoid carbohydrates after 7pm.

Increase overall strength: Your overall weight and muscle size increases if you go for heavyweight squats, deadlifts and bench press. Doing these directly impacts your arms size also.

Rest and recuperation: Compared to chest and legs, arms are smaller muscles. Thus, they require rest to grow. Be patient and work on your arms only once a week. Overtraining will cause fatigue.

Track progress: After three weeks, weigh yourself and measure progress. If you don’t notice any difference, check the following:

a)May be you’re not training properly

b)May be you’re overtraining

c)May be it’s time to change your workout

d)May be you’re not getting adequate nutrition


Five tips to keep in mind while working out your arms

1)Bicep: Barbell rows are one of the most effective exercises for your biceps. You bend your arms like bicep curl, but in barbell rows, there is more weight and that’s why you engage more muscle.

2)Tricep: Bench press and overhead press are two essential exercises. These exercises also involve more muscles in your arm and are great for increasing size. Having bigger triceps is the key to increase overall size of the arm.

3)Forearms: To increase your forearms size, deadlifts is the recommended exercise. It also increases your grip strength. Remember, strong forearms are paramount for big arms.

4)Shoulder: Don’t neglect your shoulders because an increase in shoulder size will effect the bicep size also.

5)Chinups and Dips: Since you pull your own weight in these exercises, an increase in arm strength and size is evident.


5 exercises for biceps:

1) Barbell row

2) Incline dumbbell curl

3) Standing bicep curl

4) Hammer curls

5) Concentration curl


5 exercises for triceps

1) Close-grip bench press

2) Bar dips

3) Lying triceps extension

4) Triceps pushdown

5) Overhead dumbbell triceps press