April 10, 2017

Ultimate Test to see how fit you really are

You run and weight train. You’ve done yoga and can almost touch your toes. So that means you’re fit, right? Well, maybe. Trouble is, there’s no definitive method for determining fitness across the board. So, here are a few ways to determine if you are actually fit.


Squat Your Body Weight

Squats are a time-tested fitness staple to any work out, as they have great carry-over potential for any sports and activities you partake in. Being able to do one rep of your body weight should be attainable for anyone who puts the work in, and, of course, it’s possible to move forward past that goal.


15 Unbroken Pull-ups in a Row

The next step is to knock out 15 straight pull-ups, another classic exercise. The goal here varies based on your weight, but 15 uninterrupted pull-ups reflect highly on your physical fitness. If these seem unattainable, just keep at it and ramp up your upper body and core.


Hold a Plank for 2 Minutes

Forget about all the excess movement and back straining that comes with crunches. The plank is the basic building block for all ab exercises. Just put your elbows on the floor and hold the rest of your body straight, not letting your back or legs sag toward the floor, you can also keep your arms outstretched. If you can’t make it to two minutes, scope out some other exercises to build up your abdominal strength and you should get there soon. If you can knock out two minutes easily, simply see how long you can go or add some modifications.


Run 1 Mile in Under 9 Minutes

Considering there are people out there who can run a mile in under four minutes, finishing one in under nine minutes shouldn’t seem too tough. However, if you’ve spent more time with dumbbell curls than you have on the track, it might be tougher than you think. Cardio is important!


Finish 500 Meters of Rowing in 90 Seconds

Chances are that you have neglected this old-fashioned, but seriously underrated piece of equipment at the back of the gym. The rower gives you a full-body workout  and getting  500 metres in 90 seconds requires all-out effort and good rowing technique.


Box Jump 2/3rd of Your Height

This one adds an explosive element to your fitness final exam. If you generally do basic strength training, this might be another one to include in your regular schedule to keep you well-rounded. Technique is important when box jumping, as always, but it’s not too technical an exercise and, thus, completely accessible.