March 14, 2017

Post Holi Detox – the right way!

Festivals bring in cheer, happiness and mouth-watering varieties of food. The sweetmeats during Holi are made exclusively for this season and it is truly difficult to resist the temptation. The delicacies are endless and so is the indulgence. Moreover Holi is a festival that legitimizes intoxicants and with all your friends and family coming together, we tend to overdo it.

So here are a few ways to get rid of all those unwanted toxins from your body


Reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet

Try to eat whole foods  as often as possible. Processed foods and fast foods are full of fats, sugar, salt, additives, and preservatives. Those things are poisonous toxins inside your body that make you gain weight that you don’t need. Not every gain is a good gain.


Purify Your Body With Water

Water is possibly the most valuable tool for detoxifying your body. The body’s most basic functions require water. Do not try to substitute water with other beverages for they do you more harm. If you’re one of those people that find the taste of water boring, try adding some lemon or cucumber to your water.


Do a Sugar Detox

Cut down on your sugar intake to fully and actually detox your body. Eating more sugar stresses your pancreas to produce more insulin and causes various health problems like diabetes, obesity and in some cases, even cancer. Stress has never done any good to anyone. Right?


Eat plenty of fiber daily

Adding adequate fiber,  in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, along with water to your diet are 2 of the most beneficial things you can do for your body to help it detox itself. Together, water and fiber push toxins through your colon and out of your body.


Exercise and Meditation

Exercise and meditation help maintain a healthy body. Exercising helps you sweat, and sweating helps release toxins through your skin. Meditation helps you clear your mind and reduce stress. A troubled mind can cause the physical body to function poorly.


Take a hot bath once a week with Epsom salts

Doing this will make your body sweat which will release toxins. Epsom Salts contain Magnesium Sulphate which when absorbed through the skin compensates for the Magnesium lost by the body, owing to stress.