March 9, 2017

Setting Up Your Business: The Tinder Way

People these days use Tinder to socialise and find new people because going out and actually interacting with people is oh-so-difficult! Having said that, having your set of options served to you on a platter to choose from does sound tempting.
Now imagine if your options as an entrepreneur were served to you like that. Sounds fun and easy right? So here are 7 ways to set up your business the Tinder way!

1. Find a Strong Partner – SWIPE RIGHT

Keeping aside that this is what real tinder is about, finding a strong partner who is ready to shoulder the responsibilities is essential. This helps you ideate better and you have someone to share your worries and triumphs with.
Your creativity and possibilities will increase!

2. Too Good to Be True Investors – SWIPE LEFT! (with a vengeance)

There’s many predators in the business world who want to a) ride on your success or b) give you small rewards for the bigger bounty. If you meet someone like that, turn around and run away as fast as you can because they can mean no good.
Keep yourself and your idea safe.

3. Supportive Parents – SUPERLIKE!

While we may not all be able to see what this has got to do with the technicalities of the business you’re about to start, supportive parents in hindsight can make all the difference in the world.
Having a tough time getting your work started or celebrating your first big client, your parents will always be there like rocks, providing you with all the strength and support you need.

4. Loans from Friends – LEFT, LEFT, LEFT

This is truly a tricky one. One one hand your friends want to support you and enable you to realise your dreams, but on the other hand you’d want to preserve the friendship sans financial risks!
Matters of money can taint your friendship for lifetime, so don’t let the green bug destroy something beautiful.

5. Complacency, Laziness, Impatience – SWIPE LEFT AND REPORT!

Not just swipe left, here’s where you must buy a Tinder Plus membership and change your Passport location – you don’t want to be near anywhere of these things! Sure we all get daunted by the sheer amount of work and patience that is involved in setting something up by yourself but that’s the cost you pay for making your idea big.
Get up and get going with a positive attitude and a hell lot of patience because that is what will make your baby a success.

6. Contingency Plans – SWIPE RIGHT

Lets be honest, there can be numerous issues and problems that come your way which may postpone your plans for a while. There’s no shame in that – always have a backup. Be smart and don’t put your house on mortgage, or don’t exhaust your personal savings entirely.
Plan ahead and account for everything that can go wrong. This way no hurdle will be too difficult for you to overcome.

7. Free Equity Giveaways – LEFT PLEASE!

Someone’s in love with your idea? He wants to invest but for a massive stake? What do you do? Well, you don’t just give away your company to the first party – shop around for like minded investors, takes notes and do your due diligence.
This idea is your baby and you protect it with everything you have!