February 16, 2017

Visit to Hong Kong

After my first touristy visit to Hong Kong in 2010, I got a chance to visit the world’s most visited city last week. As last time, I was welcomed with cold winds , almost single digit temperatures, superbly dressed people with higher skyscrapers than before.

I had faint memories of the city , but I was looking foreword to extensively unraveling the wonders this city had to offer.

Whatever time I could spare from the Golds Gym Convention, it was either spent strolling different roads of Hong Kong or visiting and meeting fellow travellers and natives people at pubs. After interacting with a few locales, I began to realise what made the city tick.

Since it’s a free port, there are hardly any taxes and the government is more than eager to support one with income tax refunds, provided your a regular tax payer. This leaves the people of Hong Kong with a lot of disposable income which is mostly spent on food and shopping.

Here in Hong Kong, you shall find almost all brands, so much so that for the first time there was a long queue outside Chanel!

Food is another integral part of this city.

Although their sea food is very different from what we eat back home, but ask the locals and travellers alike and they swear by all the delicious street foods and gourmet eateries. Being a vegetarian, I had to face a hard time searching for food, which is a very familiar scenario in all East Asian countries. However, every market has a restaurant which serves you edible vegetarian food.

A special mention needs to be given about LFK street which is the most buzzing street I have seen after Istikklal in Turkey. With pubs aligned on both sides of the street, one is literally spoilt for choices to relax and grab a drink !

So when you are next in Hongkong do explore it from a locales eye 🙂