In a world where news is first watched on app than on tv, why should fitness be left behind? Kount is an app which works on a simple formula – ‘We Motivate You to Stay Fit’. It pushes you to start your workout of the day and monitors how many steps have you actually walked in a day, while also reminding you to maintain your calorie intake with the help of a calorie calculator! This Best Fitness App boasts of a calorie database of over 2500 Indian dishes and other dishes, therefore doesn’t let you cheat on anything you ever eat!
And if this doesn’t motivate you enough, here comes the best feature! Kount gives you points for everything that you do in a day to keep those calorie in check! The points that you receive in turn can be redeemed against your next trip to the cinema or at your favorite food joint or even while online shopping! So want a free shirt? Just workout a bit more and earn it! Bonus is , it will look dashing on you too!

Timing detail of your workout

Customised diet plan

Calorie intake calculator

Reward point

Events at gym